Read: Psalm 128

Think: Often I am fooled into thinking that if my life is going well, it’s because I am choosing to do the right thing and God is pleased with my efforts. It’s all about me making good decisions and that’s why life is grand.

And then I read verses like Psalm 128: 2 that say, “You will eat the fruit of your labor…”

You see, when I am making good choices, life certainly does go smoother…but my good choices aren’t the reason. It’s because God has planted a good, righteous and moral law inside my heart. God knows what is best for my life and he asks me to obey his lead. When I do that, things go well for me, and not just because God is rewarding my “good behavior.” But rather because his law is good.

Think about it this way. God’s law says that gluttony (overeating and indulging) is a sin. I could ignore that law and eat all I want, whenever I want. But you and I both know there would be consequences. Perhaps I would struggle with heart issues, or not be able to chase around my nieces and nephew because I’m not in good enough shape. The consequences of my poor eating habits are not a result of God “disliking” me for disobeying him, but rather just a natural set of events that God tried to warn me against and keep me from.

What God wants for our lives is not always glamorous. He says not even a HINT of sexual immorality. That means not on TV, not in our minds, not in our actions. He isn’t saying such things to punish us…but to protect us from the natural consequences that come from such evil.

So help me stop this misunderstanding that the consequences of our lives, whether great or awful, are because of God’s particular attitude towards us that day. He is always loving, always full of grace toward us. The living God is not karma, here to reward good behavior and slap the hands of the naughty ones…but he does give us warning signs to help us avoid the natural pit-falls that may come our way and promises that if we obey his perfect word, life will be full of joy and blessing!

Pray: Ask God to help you understand that his love for you is not based on how “good” or “bad” you are. Yes, we reap what we sow…but God loves us through it! Pray God will give you insight into this great truth!

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