Read: Leviticus 15, 16, 17


THINK: May has been an incredible month for our family. On May 18th and again on May 31st, we welcomed new grandbabies! Aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, great-aunts, great-uncles, second cousins….great grandmas, grandmas, grandpas…..and even one big sister, arrived in happy throngs to ooh and ah over these precious blessings. Both sets of parents patiently allowed the visitors to pass around tiny Kara and Payton…..that is, after carefully washing our hands and generously lathering on hand sanitizer. In fact, in both hospitals, soap and sanitizer dispensers were everywhere. Protecting ourselves from germs and infections has become second nature! In fact, we are downright germ-o-phobic!


When we read Leviticus, rather than assume this ancient book couldn’t possibly apply to us today, think of how carefully and completely God looked out for his children. Disease, especially infectious disease, is a serious matter. Cleanliness is of utmost importance. And how interesting that God’s word gives us instructions first about the “outside” – our physical bodies – and then about the “inside” – our very souls.


God has an answer for our sin sick, sin infected souls. Under the law, the priests offered a blood sacrifice and a scapegoat as an offering for sin. But Jesus became the final fulfillment of the law! He shed his blood and rose again, becoming a living sacrifice for all who trust in his name! Praise God! Like the scapegoat, Jesus bore our sins and removes them once and for all! We can be clean…our sins washed white than snow!


THINK: While we completely understand the need to cleanse ourselves (and our babies!) from all kinds of germs and infections, do we understand that an unclean soul results in certain death?


PRAY: Ask Jesus to take away your sins, to be your perfect sacrifice, to be your Savior!

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