Read: 2 Kings 14-15

Think: How good is good enough?

These kings were comparing themselves to their fathers, the kings who went before them.. But that wasn’t enough. They murdered, stole, and forgot the law of the Lord.

In our day and age, it’s not just about following in the footsteps of those that came before us or being a good person… What is a good person? Your friend at school? Mother Teresa? Who do you compare yourselves to?

Truth is, there is no good enough! We all need Jesus grace! And this is good news. We don’t have to be good enough. God gave us the gift of Jesus because he knew on our own, we could and can never be good enough to save ourselves.

Those that came before the kings in the passage weren’t the right people to be looking for for a standard. It should have been God’s law… And for us, it needs to be Jesus- look to him and follow. Don’t compare yourself to others And don’t believe the lie that it’s all about being good enough.

Pray: Thank Jesus for his death on the cross and for the gift of grace.  Thank Him that you don’t have to be “good enough.” Pray that you will be able to accept Jesus’ unconditional grace and mercy and pray that you will be able to show that to others.

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