READ: Psalm 107

THINK: A farmer and his son were working together out in the field. The father told the boy to throw all the large stones he could find into a nearby ditch so they would not interfere with plowing. After working a long time, the son called out, “Dad, there’s one rock here I can’t move even though I’ve tried my hardest.”

“No, son,” replied the father, “you haven’t tried your hardest until you’ve called out to me for help. I can give you the strength you need.”

The father then came alongside the boy and added his strength. Together, they moved the stubborn rock with ease.

Too often we try our hardest to carry some heavy burden or work out a difficult problem, but with no success. After having done our best, we wonder why we have met with nothing but failure. Lovingly and patiently our heavenly Father reminds us that we must learn to depend on Him, and that we haven’t tried our hardest until we’ve called on Him for help.

Let’s stop struggling to remove the stones of trouble and difficulty from our lives that far exceed our own strength. Like the Israelites of old, let’s call on the Lord to save us out of all our distresses (Ps. 107:19).

God’s ability is not limited by our inability.

– Henry G. Bosch in Our Daily Bread

PRAY: Praise God for his incredible power, and ask him for help today in all the areas where you need it.


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