READ: Ephesians 6, letting it call to mind the relevant relationships in your life.

THINK: Mull over what this passage is saying about whole and healthy relationships – children to parents, fathers to children, and employees to employers. What is your reaction to the description given of each relationship? Perhaps you feel longing or maybe sadness or annoyance? Explore your reaction.

PRAY: Pick one relationship this passage brought to mind and take a few minutes to observe what kind of child, parent, employee, or students you are. How does your fulfillment of this role compare to the standard Paul sets? Ponder the models in your life for that role. How were you parented? How do your role models relate to their employers? Talk to Jesus about this, and share with him any disappointment, gratitude, or frustration you feel about your own role and your role models.

LIVE: What is Jesus’ invitation to you in the relationship you selected? Perhaps it is just to continue growing in your awareness of what kind of person you are in relationships. Or perhaps you sense Jesus leading you toward a specific action. Make a note of what you hear from him so you can refer to it.

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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