READ:  Leviticus 5-6

THINK Good work getting through these two chapters. Let’s be honest, although Leviticus has deep theological meaning and paints a picture of why Jesus came, it isn’t the easiest book of the Bible to get through. Keep reading though, you’ll be blessed for digging into God’s word.

Before Easter I prayed that the people who walked through the doors of my church would have a new awe of Jesus’ death and resurrection. That it wouldn’t just be the same old story, but would in a new way, grab our hearts and lead us to worship. God answered this prayer, and as I stood there crying at the end of each service, I thanked God for sending Jesus to take my punishment.

Leviticus is a record of all the specific things that needed to be done in order to account for peoples’ sin. Certain things needed to be sacrificed in place of a person’s punishment. The sacrifices they had to present needed to be perfect. They could have no flaws, and even the method of sacrificing needed to be right. This fire needs to stay burning, the priests can eat this part, but not that, make sure that you bring the right animal for this sin, or the right grain for this one. Phew…it was a lot to remember and God was asking for perfection.

Then Jesus came. Starting to see the connection? He was perfect. Blameless. And we were unclean sinners, undeserving of his grace. Jesus was the only sacrifice that truly took our punishment and rid us of our sin. No bull or lamb or oil could ever measure up to Jesus. He is the new sacrifice, once and for all!

Not only that, but his perfection allowed him to interact with unclean people, and make them holy! Chapter 5 gives detailed instructions about what is unclean and how touching something unclean makes you unclean. Jesus trumped this too. His cleanness, his holiness, is so great, that touching something unclean does not make him unclean, it makes that unclean thing holy.

On our own we are dead and empty. We’re nothing without Jesus’ sacrifice. But here’s the good news! Jesus took death so we no longer have to be dead in doubt and discouragement and loneliness. His empty grave fills up our empty and longing hearts! Jesus overcame and became the perfect sacrifice, forever and for every one!

PRAY: Thank Jesus for his sacrifice! And ask God for the chance this week – and the boldness to take advantage of it – to share the awesome message of hope we have with someone else!


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