READ: Exodus 32-33:6

THINK: I have never understood the appeal of ice fishing. To be frank, I’ve never really understood the appeal of fishing at all. But the idea of trudging out into freezing temperatures particularly confuses me. But there is always one thing about ice fishing in Minnesota that always amazes me. The lakes seem to go from normal to frozen in no time at all. One week there are whitecaps. Then seemingly, a week later, people are not only walking out onto the ice to fish but even driving their giant trucks out onto the ice – which I always thought was particularly crazy until I was bored one day and did some lake donuts in my van…but that’s not the point.

Sometimes I feel like my spiritual life is like a Minnesota lake in the winter. One week I’m following God and I’m fired up about who he wants me to be and what it is he is calling me to do. Then seemingly, a week later, my heart is frozen over and I’m headed in the other direction. This is certainly something that the nation of Israel experienced throughout the book of Exodus. God did one outrageously amazing thing after another – like parting the Red Sea, providing manna, making water flow from a rock, and more – and the Israelites would follow him for a while…until a problem arose. Then suddenly they turned from God and started chasing worldly things and pursuing false gods. And it happened over and over again.

Exodus 32 provides possibly the most egregious example of all. They felt that Moses had been gone too long, so they decided to make themselves a golden calf and worship it as a god. That has to be one of the absolute stupidest things I’ve ever heard of. Especially after what God did for them. But I think we do the same thing all to frequently! So what do we do about this tendency? How do we prevent it? We look back. The nation of Israel only needed to look back at all the incredible ways that God provided for them. Their fears about the future blocked their faith. Their memories of the past were the solution all along. If we are intentional about remembering and marking the things that God has done for us then we are less likely to be fickle and turn from him every time we face an obstacle which, as it turns out, we can only overcome with his help anyways.

PRAY: Take some time to think about all the things that God has done for you, and thank him!

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