READ: 2 Samuel 17-19

THINK: When we last checked in on Shimei (in chapter 16) he was daring to insult King David – and totally lucking out that David was feeling particularly gracious and not feeling particularly head-choppy-offy. Now he’s back (in chapter 19) falling all over himself to apologize for the inappropriate words that he’d said earlier and begging David’s mercy. Once again, David’s friends and advisors are feeling angry and defensive and want to have Shimei put to death for cursing the Lord’s anointed. And once again, Shimei lucks out because David is not feeling head-choppy-offy. And once again I’m forced to wonder, why not?

Shimei had gone to far. Way too far. He had done and said things that we’re awful and he’d unfairly wished for David’s death. I imagine that he went before David to apologize after David was restored as king without a whole lot of confidence that David would forgive him. It’s very likely that Shimei went before the king feeling as though he had little chance to see the end of the day.

Sometimes we feel the same way when we come before God. We think about our sins, look at ourselves in the mirror, and feel like God could never forgive us. We feel like we’re too broken, too messed up, to sinful to be reconciled to God. But that just isn’t the truth. God makes it clear that, even though we don’t deserve it, he delights in forgiving us. Even though we have done far worse in our rebellion and our rejection of him than Shimei ever did to David. And yet he extends outrageous, incredible grace to us.

Just as David forgave Shimei, Jesus wants to forgive us. I love the words of the great preacher Charles Spurgeon, “He delighteth in mercy. I do believe that the harps of heaven never give to Christ such happiness as he has when he forgives the ungodly, and saith, ‘Thy sins are forgiven; go in peace.’”

PRAY: Spend some time confessing your sins to God, repenting, and seeking his forgiveness. Then thank him for that incredible gift!

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