READ: John 16

THINK: Sometimes I like to do things around the house all by myself to prove how handy and manly and independent I am. Everyone who knows me is probably laughing out loud at that statement. Not at the first part. But at the idea that my exploits prove I’m handy or manly. They usually prove just the opposite. For example, a couple of summers ago Jenny was out of town and our microwave was broken. So I decided to change it all on my own. I did this despite the fact that both the old microwave and the new one I purchased had very clear warnings to “Team Lift Only” with pictures of 2 people lifting together next to a picture of one person getting crushed. Long story short: It was super heavy, the power cord got stuck in the cabinet, I didn’t want to drop the microwave on the stove, I sliced my finger all the way to the bone trying to get down, and I ended up with 5 stiches.

We live in a culture that values independence so greatly that we’re tempted to go it alone all the time. We want desperately to believe that we are capable of handling every situation without needing help. But when it comes to our spiritual lives, that simply isn’t true. And if we try, we’re in danger of far more than finger stiches. In order to succeed in our walk, be the kind of people God calls us to be, and make the kind of difference that God calls us to make in this world we need help. We can’t do it on our own. We desperately need God’s help, and specifically we need the incredible power of the Holy Spirit in us.

Before Jesus went to the cross, he told his disciples that though they would mourn for a moment, they would rejoice when they received the Holy Spirit. And he promises that by the power of the Holy Spirit his followers can fulfill their potential and their purpose in this broken world. He even promises that by the Spirit’s power we can not only do the things he did, but do even greater things in this world (John 14:12). That’s an amazing promise. And this world desperately needs us to fulfill it! It is so broken and messed up. And the hope that it is desperate for is Spirit-filled believers going out and showing God’s love and sharing the gospel. There is no way to do life alone. Or faith. Or world-changing. So don’t forget to depend on the Spirit today!

PRAY: Thank the Spirit for his presence in your life. Ask him to help you be mindful of him this week when you are tempted to go it alone.

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