READ: Luke 17

THINK: Reread verses 11-19, focusing specifically on the questions Jesus asks.

Not only are the lepers deformed by their disease, but Old Testament law also excludes them from community with others. Ten men come to Jesus with this horrific skin disease. These men are physical and relational outsiders. When Jesus heals them, he also helps restore them to their communities.

When have you felt like an outsider and than experiences God’s restoring you to community with others or with himself? Do you tend to be like the nine, who asked for God’s help and didn’t return, or are you like the one who returned to say thank you? Why?

Think about your last several requests to God in prayer. Have you turned around and come back, shouting your gratitude for how he has answered your requests and blessed you in the process? Why or why not? What needs to happen in your life for you to remember to return when God answers your prayers?

PRAY: Make this prayer time one of intentional thankfulness. Consider your recent requests to God (be specific). Return now and thank him for answering those requests, big and small.

LIVE: Every time you make a request, turn around and shout your gratitude.

– Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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