READ: Deuteronomy 16-17

THINK: “and he shall read therein all the days of his life” – Dt 17:19

Some of the greatest scholars in the world have stated without apology that no man’s education can be complete without an ac­quaintance with the Bible. Not only are its contents of inesti­mable value, but its very literary perfection and beauty are also worthy of our special attention and admiration. If we are to know this Book, it goes without saying that we must be willing to read and study it faithfully. No man can master any subject without diligent effort, concentration, and application. Much of the criticism laid against the Scriptures has come from those who have never studied it, much less even read it through.

A certain Bible teacher, boarding a train, found a seat next to a man who was diligently reading his newspaper. Opening his briefcase the preacher took out his Bible and began to read. The gentleman with the newspaper, glancing out of the corner of his eye, saw this unusual sight and his curiosity was aroused. Finally he said, “Pardon me, Sir, are you a minister?” “Yes, I am,” said the man, and began talking to his questioner about the Bible. He explained some of the mysteries of that wonderful Book and its marvelous doctrines and revelations until the other exclaimed in amazement, “How in the world did you ever learn so much about that Book?” The Bible teacher simply replied, “I certainly did not get it by reading the daily newspaper!” Now, we should know what’s going on in the world today. But I am concerned over the amount of time that is taken up in reading our newspapers, magazines, and periodicals as compared with the Bible.

By the way, how much time do you spend in spiritual meditation each day? How diligently do you study God’s Word? Upon your answer will depend your knowledge of the Scriptures and the Man of the Book, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Daily Bread

PRAY: Stop before praying today and take a moment to honestly assess your schedule. Think about what shows you watch and try to map out how many hours each week you spend watching TV, movies, or Netflix. And think about how much time you spend watching or reading the news or SportsCenter. Then come to God and have an honest time of prayer about where your priorities lie.

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