READ:  Jeremiah 27-29

THINK: Reread Jeremiah 28:10-17. Take some time to think through the following questions well, and possibly write down your answers:

What does God seem to be addressing in Hananiah’s underlying message or motive? Could you sum up what you notice in a single sentence? What do you think about how God dealt with him? Having read this story, what do you feel right now toward God?

PRAY/LIVE: Take several minutes to think through your current situation. Where is God allowing you to feel the ache or consequence for something you’ve recently done (or not done)? Bring this openly before God and tell him how you feel abou it. Ask him to help you see your heart clearly, to understand what drew you toward that action (or nonaction).

If you haven’t let do of what you’re doing wrong – despite the burning consequences – think about what rejecting this path might look like for you. What really keeps you from turning around? God is inviting you to live in a certain way in this area of your life. What are some small steps you could take toward receiving that invitation?

Take them.

– Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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