READ: Psalm 105

THINK: A little boy said, “Salt is what spoils potatoes when it is left out.” Using the same kind of negative definition, we can say, “Gratitude is what spoils life when it is left out.”

A disposition of continual thankfulness comes from an unshakable confidence in God’s wisdom, power, and goodness no matter what our circumstances may be. People who possess the quality of gratitude may be poor in this world’s goods, but they are truly rich spiritually.

Some of the most grateful people I know have few material possessions and little money in their bank accounts. A character in one of Charles Dickens’ stories remarks, “My not knowing at one meal where I shall get the next is a great help to thankfulness.”

Riches, on the other hand, may be a handicap. A wealthy woman told her doctor that she was frustrated by a restless desire to accumulate more and more things. He replied, “These are the usual symptoms of too much ease in the home and too little gratitude in the heart.”

No matter what your circumstances, count your blessings. Psalm 105 reminds us, “Give thanks to the Lord! . . . Remember His marvelous works” (vv.1,5). The salt of gratitude helps to make all of life taste better. A good attitude begins with gratitude to God.

PRAY:  Thank God today! For everything you can think.

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