READ: 1 Chronicles 22-23

THINK: 1 Chronicles 23:13 – “Aaron was separated, he and his sons forever, to minister unto Him.”

The threefold office of Aaron suggests our own. When we are prepared to follow Jesus, through the rent veil of His flesh, living a truly separated life, cleansing ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, we also, as chosen priests, may exercise these functions of intercession, ministry, and blessing.

Intercession: The fragrant incense stealing heavenward is a beautiful emblem of intercessory prayer. Let us pray more, not for ourselves so much as for others. This is the sign of growth in grace, when our prayers are fragrant with the names of friend and foe, and mingled with the coals of the golden altar. This is one of the best gifts; oh to exercise it more persistently!

Ministry: We have many things to engage our attention, but they may be unified and elevated by the one threading purpose of doing all for the King. Whether we eat, or drink, or whatever else we do, we may do all to His glory. Go up and down in the Temple, O priests; engage in song, or sacrifice, or whatever ministry you will but be sure that all is of Him, and through Him, and to Him forever.

Blessing: As Aaron came forth from the most Holy Place to bless the congregation that waited for him; so we should bless that little portion of the world in which our lot is cast. It is not enough to linger in soft prayer within the veil, we must come forth to bless mankind. He who is nearest God is closest man. Let our smile, our touch, our words, our life, be the greatest blessing possible to those who know us best.

May the blessed Spirit realize through each of us this threefold ideal, and separate us from sin and the world that we may be prepared for it.

By: F.B. Meyer

PRAY: Ask God to help you live out that last sentence – that you might live out the ideals of intercession, blessing, and ministry and be separated from the sin of the world.

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