READ: Deuteronomy 8

THINK: I wish I could say that I have an easy time following directions. I wish I could say that I usually “get it” with just one explanation. The funny thing is that as a high school English teacher I can get really irritated with students who seem to be lost after I’ve told them exactly what to do. While I try to be patient and kind on the outside, on the inside I’m thinking, “How hard can this be? Just listen, do what I say.”

Last week, I had a surprise call early in the morning from another school district. The principal interviewed me for a position and he gave very clear instructions for the question/answer process. I was to begin each answer with a simple “yes” or “no” and elaborate during follow-up questions. That seemed simple enough and so the questions began. I answered lots and lots of questions with lengthy explanations when it occurred to me I had completely ignored the directions. Oops – Do over!

In this chapter, God’s directions are perfectly clear: Follow him, obey him, remember him, fear him. The consequences are perfectly clear as well: Choose God, lack nothing. Forget God, face destruction. Unfortunately, following these directions isn’t  so easy. We have a very tough time staying humble, especially when things go well. We start chasing after other gods, believing we can live on bread alone – the physical comforts of this world. Before we know it we can get to the place where we aren’t following, obeying or remembering. The good news is that we have a merciful, patient, and loving GOD who is willing to forgive and restore when we are willing to repent! Unlike job interviews,  with GOD we really do get a “do over”!

PRAY: Ask GOD to remind you that choosing his way really will result in abundant life, while forgetting about him brings chaos and confusion. Pray for the humility we need to live our lives HIS way! Start today!



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