READ: I Chronicles 18, 19, 20

“David reigned over all Israel doing what was just and right for all his people,”               I Chronicles 18:14

THINK: If we were spectators in some huge heavenly arena, we would no doubt be on our feet, pumping our fists, high-fiving each other, and cheering with all our might as we watched David lead Israel to victory after victory after victory while enemies shrank in fear before them. Sometimes it’s great to be at the top!  Sometimes, absolutely nothing goes wrong!

The ironic thing is, in God’s economy, it’s when we know we deserve to be at the bottom, when we know we are nothing in our own strength, and when we understand who GOD is that we get it right. David’s season of victories follows a season of humility and gratitude before GOD.

Can we take just a few moments and rewind to I Chronicles 17:16 – 26? I cannot read David’s prayer without weeping. “Who am I, O LORD GOD, and what is my family that you have brought me this far?” Who am I to deserve to be called a child of GOD? What kind of mother am I that I should deserve to see my children walk with Jesus? What kind of a wife have I been that I deserve to hear my husband share the good news of Jesus all week long with little kids during bible school? GOD’s mercy and grace are overwhelming.

PRAY: If you can, listen to Casting Crowns as you make David’s prayer your own. Beloved, having deserved death, JESUS brings us into glorious and everlasting life!

ASK: Ask GOD let your heart be overcome with humility and gratitude. Victory in Jesus will surely follow.

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