Read: Deuteronomy 7

Think: Life can be overwhelming, a lot of the time. No matter the stage I’ve been in in life- there are things that overwhelm me. When I was a kid- deciding who to play with on the playground could be overwhelming. As a high school student I was overwhelmed by the number activities I was involved in- and the stack of scholarship and college applications I needed to finish. Just yesterday, I was overwhelmed by my job- I’m just warming up to this full-time job thing…and it is not always easy.

The crazy thing is, God tells us not to worry. In fact, he commands us to not worry. WHAT?(

I know that God saved the Israelites from the Egyptians, and I know he overthrew nation after nation on their behalf, as we read about in Deuteronomy 7. But I forget that his promise is true for me today. I forget that God is not some hero from the past- but is my Savior, who loves me today- and who can carry me through each overwhelming battle I face.

Verse 17 says, “You may say to yourselves, “These nations are stronger than we are.” Do you find yourself telling yourself that? I do! “Kelsey, your problems and obstacles are bigger than you are.” And I regretfully leave it at that….

Instead of saying to GOD. Why tell myself the obstacles in front of me are bigger than me? I already know that. Instead I need to take it to God! Because God’s response to us is this, found in verse 18, “But do not be afraid of them.” and goes on to remind us that HE is bigger than our problems, and we do not need to fear. When I know God is fighting these obstacles in front of me- my perspective changes, I realize I need not be overwhelmed, because God is going before me.

Pray: Think about the things in your life right now that are stressing you out. Take time now to give them to God. Praise God for doing mighty works in the past, and praise him for being victorious over your battles today.

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