READ: Luke 15

THINK: I am a huge fan of James MacDonald, pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago. I usually hear him on his daily broadcasts, but occasionally I have the opportunity to hear him live! Last weekend we traveled to Chicago for a wedding, which was great fun, but to tell the truth, I was most excited about attending Harvest on Sunday morning to see Pastor James! He’s a great story teller and he always seems to have just the right story to help make his point. I always learn something new about following Jesus or understanding scripture in a deeper way.

Imagine having the opportunity to hear Jesus live! What would it have been like to follow him around the countryside and see scripture come to life as he spoke? The stories Jesus told presented God’s love in a whole new way! While the three parables in today’s chapter no doubt have deep and complex theological meaning, in one sense they are just simple stories with a simple message: God cares about each of us! We have high value and worth to him. Before we ever believed or trusted him, God came searching for us. Even if we wander far from him or reject him, he is always waiting and watching for our return. In fact, he will welcome us into fellowship, forgiving us and showering us with blessings far greater than we can ask or imagine!

PRAY: Thank God for his tenderness and mercy. Thank him for his forgiveness and love. Ask him to give us his same heart for our lost world!

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