Read: Psalm 132

Think: I love sleep! Seriously, I choose it over many things, many times. During movies (even ones I WANT to see) I tend to choose sleep over finishing the story. Instead of watching another Food Network show, which I love to do, I choose sleep over that. Working out in the morning is good, but pressing snooze on my alarm is better. Even when I was younger and at slumber parties, I took my pillow over another hour of giggling.

This is why I am so struck by the Psalmists words about David in verses 4 and 5. “I will allow no sleep to my eyes, no slumber to my eyelids, till I find a place for the Lord.”

King David was bent on building a house of worship for God. Although it was his son Solomon that ended up building it- David persevered and fought is whole life for this to happen. David was willing to say no to himself for the sake of something greater.

It’s incredible to me how many opportunities I turn down every day because I choose sleep instead. I miss out on deep times of prayer and scripture study because of the silly snooze button. I flake out on friends who need a listening ear because I don’t want to stay up late for that phone call.

Sleep is an incredible gift from God, and we should thank him for it. However, we also need to check ourselves in this area. Am I being selfish with my time and energy? Are there days and situations where I know the extra hour will benefit and bless others, yet I choose to relax and rest?

Pray: Ask God to help you wake up early enough every morning to have quality time with him in prayer and scripture study. It isn’t easy to set the alarm, but the discipline it creates in us is beneficial for so many areas of life- mostly, our devotion, dedication and following of Jesus Christ!

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