READ: Job 42

THINK: The book of Job is considered to be perhaps the oldest book in our Bible, yet the story of this man’s struggle to understand grief and pain and abandonment; his quest for answers, and his longing to know God still resonate today. Job’s journey is our journey; Job’s questions our questions; and ultimately, Job’s redemption is our redemption.

Do you remember the story of The Odyssey? In this classic Greek epic, the hero Odysseus endures bitter years of adversity, faces shipwrecks, monsters, bewitching goddesses, and the death of all his companions. Finally, though, Odysseus learns his lesson: Man is nothing without the gods. Only after seeing himself for what he is, just a man, is Odysseus allowed to return home.

Interestingly, even the stories of pagan Greeks reflect the truth of their Creator: He is GOD and we are not. Job, who clung to his faith in GOD despite incredible pain, has learned through hardship what he may never have learned through ease:

“I know that my Redeemer lives!” Job 19:25”

“I know that GOD can do all things!” Job 42: 2

“I know GOD will make himself known to me…I had heard about GOD, but now I know GOD!” Job 42:5

“I know that I am nothing (I despise myself) and I repent.” Job 42:6

Ultimately, Job is restored and given a new life, far more wonderful than before. In this life, we will face struggles, but GOD has made a way for us through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. In Jesus, we are given a new life, and we will be blessed far more than we can ask or imagine!

PRAY: That every hurt, every disappointment, every failure, leads you closer to Jesus. His compassion never fails! He loves you with an everlasting love and is holding you in his everlasting arms!

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