Read: Acts 23

Think: If you’ve been to church more than three times in your life, you’ve most likely hear of Paul. You read about his conversion story in yesterday’s post. Paul wrote books of the Bible, Paul reached thousands of people for Jesus, Paul was an important dude in Jesus’ kingdom!

However, did you notice verse 16 in Acts chapter 23? Paul’s nephew saved his life. This nephew wasn’t the one who traveled all around the world preaching the message of Jesus. He probably never suffered in prison for God’s sake and perhaps he never even preached a sermon. But did you catch the importance of the role he played?

Paul’s nephew saved Paul’s life! He shared some information, that lead to a great rescue. Yes, it seems like a small part in the grand scheme of things, but he played a valuable part!

God has a plan to use you, and I believe he is asking us simply to be faithful in the small things. Instead of spending all our time, thinking about what history will say about us, what world-changing organization we are going to start, or how many people we will lead and change….we should be spending time doing the dishes, playing with the little neighbor girls, having coffee with a friend going through a rough time, and hugging our grandmas.

God doesn’t need any of us to be heroes. Not sure if you’ve caught wind yet, but the hero has already come! Jesus did the saving work…our job is to follow in obedience after him. Now I’m not saying that you won’t end up doing world-shaking things for God’s Kingdom, (I pray you do) but people who do great things for Jesus have a trail behind them of simple obedience, serving and humility.

Don’t take the small things lightly. If God has given you a little brother, be a rock-star at being a good example to him. If he’s given you a summer job with a weirdo- be kind to her. You never know what your small steps of obedience may lead you- they might just save a life!

Pray: God, open my eyes to see the small things around me that I need to be obedient in. I pray that you would teach me the importance of simple obedience that produces profound change.

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