READ: Luke 10

THINK: This passage may be familiar to you, but try to absorb it with fresh eyes. Prayerfully let your creativity loose as you engage with this text. First, put yourself in the skin of Mary. On that day, what might you be doing? What’s going on around the house? What are you thinking and feeling when Martha complains about you?

Now, put yourself in Martha’s shoes. What are you preparing? What are your motivations? What are you feeling? What might you be thinking and feeling after Jesus says those words to you?

LIVE: Live out the text that says Mary “sat before the Master.” It’s your turn now. Imagine that Jesus is in the room with you. Spend some time sitting there pondering who Jesus is and read the passage again to see what else you learn about him.

PRAY: As you remain in the room with Jesus, pray “Jesus, who am I more like today: Mary or Martha? Don’t rush this experience. Even if an urge to get up comes, just take a few minutes and sit there with Jesus. Allow him to speak words of promise, correction, and comfort into your life.

– Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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