READ: Acts 1. Do your best to read this passage with fresh eyes, as though you have never read it before or heard the story before.

THINK: When are you tempted to be a spectator to the movements of God’s redemptive plan rather than a participant involved in the action? Why? What are specific ways you can get off the bench and get up to bat for what God is up to in the world? What are some ways you can be a witness to others in your circle of influence?

You know that Jesus will come again in the future. What implications does that reality have on your life?

PRAY: Ask God to give you the courage to take a risk and get into the game. Ask him to give you a vision for how he wants you to be and to bring about the change the world is desperate for as a part of his redemptive plan.

LIVE: Spend some time seeking God’s heart to line yours up with his. Ask him to break your heart for what breaks his. Be intentional about having some conversations this week with friends and family members to help you discern the ways in which God is calling you to be a participant in his redemptive plan for the lives of those around you.

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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