READ: Ecclesiastes 4

THINK: Community is an important spiritual practice. The Trinity itself is a community of love. Here on earth we get to try that out! We were built for relationship – to help others and be helped by them. Read verses 9-12 again, remembering that this is poetry and trying to read it with rhythm, emphasis, and pauses.

1. What words or phrases speak to you? Why?
2. What do these words or phrases tell you about how you’ve been helped? About how you’re built to help others?

PRAY: Ask God to show you clearly how people have shared their work and their wealth with you, how they’ve picked you up when you’ve fallen down, how they’ve warmed you when you were alone, how they’ve protected you when you faced the worst.

LIVE: Find a rope and hold it in your hand (or braid a piece of paper quickly if you don’t have a rope handy). Think about yourself as one of the strands. Who are the other strands running through your life right now, keeping you strong? In what ways are you thankful for them?

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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