READ: Psalm 48 & 49

THINK: God—have you ever just sat back and marveled at how grand and glorious He is? Today, let’s pause to ponder His majesty and greatness.

To help us do that, here are a few descriptions of God that I found while reading Psalms 1-49.

The Lord is a shield (3:3), my source of safety (4:8), my King (5:2), the Judge (7:8), the Most High (7:17), my refuge (9:9), the helper of the fatherless (10:14), the King forever (10:16), righteous (11:7).

God is my strength, rock, fortress, stronghold (18:1-3; 28:1; 31:4), my deliverer (18:2), my support (18:18), my Redeemer (19:14).

He is my shepherd (23:1), the King of glory (24:7), the Lord of hosts (24:10), the God of my salvation (25:5), my light and my salvation (27:1), my strength and shield (27:1; 28:7).

He is the God of glory (29:3), the Lord God of truth (31:5), the living God (42:2), my help in trouble (46:1), the King over all the earth (47:2).

That should be enough to meditate on for one day. No, that’s enough for an eternity! Let’s start today to worship our God in earnest—the One who gives us so many reasons to praise Him.

PRAY: During your prayer time today, begin by praising the Lord for some of the qualities listed above.

You can never praise God too much!

By: Dave Brannon in Our Daily Bread, December 9, 2002

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