READ: Job 28-30

THINK: Read Job 30:15-20 slowly again (maybe even a few times) until the words sink into your consciousness, becoming familiar to you and resonating with your present state of mind. Don’t try to analyze Job’s response or determine its validity. Simply open yourself to his experience.

PRAY: What goes on inside you when you hear Job talk about God’s silence? Perhaps you feel irritated, or maybe you relate because you’ve experienced times when God seemed inaccessible. Talk to God about your reaction to this passage. To help clarify your reaction, write about it. Give yourself permission to be completely open and honest.

LIVE: Right now, practice resting in the knowledge that God is with you in both words and silence – whether you’re doing things right or doing nothing at all, whether you feel he’s near or you feel nothing. If this is especially tough for you to do, pray the prayer “Lord, I believe a little; help me believe more.”

By: Eugene Peterson in Solo

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