READ: Psalm 43 and 44

THINK: Take a look at the word picture painted by the Psalmist in these two chapters:

rejected, oppressed, plundered, devoured, scattered, sold, reproached, shamed, scorned, derided, disgraced, taunted, led to slaughter, reviled, crushed, covered in darkness, face death all day long, brought down to dust….

The Psalmist asks, “What went wrong? Why, God? We have been faithful! We have put our hope in God, praised him as our Savior, remembered his mighty deeds, boasted in God alone, kept our hearts true and our feet on God’s path.”

The Psalmist doesn’t get an answer – and perhaps that’s the beauty of this Psalm for us. When there are no answers, we can pour our hearts out to GOD, we can continue to walk faithfully in his ways, and we can hold on to this promise: God has unfailing love for us!

Thankfully, the apostle Paul brings us some wisdom when life is at its worst! Paul quotes Psalm 44 in Roman 8: 36 and then concludes, “Nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus!

PRAY: Pray Romans 8:28 – 39 today! Let this high point of scripture give us strength and joy despite circumstances!

By: Deb Howard

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