READ: Matthew 28

THINK: It seems very little needs to be said after reading this incredible, powerful, life-changing, history-making, unbelievable, miraculous story. The story on which our faith is based – Jesus Christ is alive! Our God is not dead, He’s alive!

Because we serve a God who is alive, He gives us the most incredible promise – “Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” No other god made up in the minds of humanity can claim the promise that their God is alive and present in their lives!

Click here to listen to Newsboys’ “God’s Not Dead” and get fired up about the incredible power and presence of our almighty, LIVING God!

Our living God has the power to take a “dead” life and make it alive. He has the power to save someone from a life of sin and make them alive with the hope of Heaven! It’s incredible! Let’s take His commission seriously EVERY day and consider it our most important job (because it is) to make disciples! We have the best message ever to share – don’t be ashamed, be amazed every day!
Written By: Cari Widdel

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