READ: Proverbs 25

THINK: Researchers at Montana State University have challenged the idea that a high-sugar snack generates quick energy. They tested long-distance runners on stationary exercise bicycles and found that athletes who had a sugar-free drink before the workout were able to pedal twenty-five percent longer than those who had a sugar-laden drink. The study concluded that “athletes may be well-advised to abstain from sugar snacks before exercise.”

The Bible concurs that too many sweets can affect well-being. King Solomon used the illustration of eating too much honey to point up something more serious—the danger of overindulging in the sweet taste of self-glory. In Proverbs 25, the wise king gave two warnings about the danger of too much self-congratulations and boasting (Proverbs 25:14, 27). Looking for attention and bragging about our accomplish­ments might be sweet to the taste in the short run. But in the long run, bragging does to the personality what eating five pounds of chocolate-covered cherries does to the waistline.

Nothing makes us weaker than a constant diet of self-centeredness and pride. All our energy is used up on ourselves. How much better to deny ourselves the sweet taste of self-glory by exercising discipline and faith. That’s how we can become strong enough to meet the chal­lenges we face.

Faith steps in when pride steps out!

By: M. R. De Haan II in Our Daily Bread

PRAY: Confess your pride to God. Come before him and lay down all of your self-centeredness and selfishness. Ask him to help you be humble and rely on him in all things.

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