READ: Isaiah 33-35

THINK: Read Isaiah 35:4-9 again. Read verse 4 out loud, then read the rest silently. Watch for the emphasis in this passage on restoration and healing.

What pictures of healing speak to you? God putting things right, Blind eyes opening, Deaf ears hearing, Disabled people leaping, Voiceless people singing, Water flowing in the desert, or Hot sands suddenly becoming cool?

Why do you think that those particular pictures speak to you? What situations in your life make those pictures meaningful to you?

What phrase from the passage speaks to you most powerfully? Underline that phrase. What does your choice of that particular phrase tell you about who you are and what you want from God?

PRAY: Tell God about the images and the phrase that you most resonate with. Tell him why. Ask God for the restoration or healing that you or others need.

LIVE: Be thankful for the blessings in your life. Praise God for all the ways in which he has blessed and restored you.

Adapted from Eugene Peterson’s Solo

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