READ: Proverbs 16. Underline the word or phrase that stands out to you the most. Read verses 21-32 again. Underline a different word or phrase that stands out to you.

THINK: You may have heard the saying that only two things cannot be taken back: time and our words.  Think back over all the words you have said in conversation over the past 24 hours (conversations you’ve had with friends, comments you have made in passing, phone calls, jokes you have told, and so on). What percentage of your conversation would you say was positive, encouraging, and uplifting? What percentage was negative, discouraging, and sarcastic?

Consider the words you are glad you said. Consider the words you regret saying.

PRAY: For the words you regret, ask for forgiveness. For the positive words you spoke, thank God they were words that built up rather than tore down.

Ask God to bring to mind words of truth and healing that you could speak to others. Ask him to bring to mind specific people to whom you could speak these words in the next few days.

LIVE: Have the courage to seek out opportunities to speak words of truth and healing to people who need to hear them. Hold your tongue when you are upset or frustrated – when you are about to speak words you’ll regret. Above all else, ask God to help you guard your mouth by thinking before speaking.

From Eugene Peterson in Solo

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