READ: Luke 24 – Read the passage carefully, paying attention to the various characters and their responses to the events of the story.

THINK: Which disciple or follow of Jesus do you most identify with in this passage? What is it about that person that reminds you of yourself?

Read verses 1-12 again, this time putting yourself in that person’s position. What are your thoughts and feelings as you hear that Jesus is alive again? What runs through your mind in that moment? What are you thinking as you see others’ responses? What do you wonder about? Where do you go when you hear the news? What questions do you have? (Take some time to think well through all of these)

PRAY: Now picture the risen Jesus approaching you later that day, inviting you to spend time with him. How do you interact with him? What do you say? Talk to him about what all of this has been like for you.

LIVE: Reflect on your prayer time. You might again consider the person in the story you chose and why, or you could think about how your understanding of faithfulness and discipleship was deepened, challenged, or changed. Think about any changes this inspires in the way you follow Jesus, even if it’s as simple as deciding to be regularly more excited and amazed by the reality of what he accomplished with his death and resurrection.


– Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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