READ: Psalm 133-134

THINK: The church I attend honored one of its secretaries recently for her 30 years of service. It is fitting that those who serve God’s church in so many different ways be encouraged in their faith and faithfulness.

There’s a short psalm that gives a hint that the people of Israel encouraged those who served them in their house of worship. In Psalm 134, as the worshipers were leaving the temple after a day of praising God, they would lift their voices toward the Levites who were about to enter the temple for night duty (v.1). The Levites and priests were responsible for burning incense, giving thanks, and praising the Lord in song (1 Chronicles 9:33; 2 Chronicles 31:2). The worshipers called on the Levites to continue praising God as they carried out their duties (Psalm 134:1).

As we go about our own activities, we sometimes forget those who labor in our churches. It takes many people to make sure that our worship experience is fruitful, our fellowship as believers is valuable, and our work together as Christians is profitable.

Following the example of the worshipers of old, let’s encourage those who faithfully serve us in the church, whether publicly or behind the scenes. A word of encouragement can make the difference between giving up and going on.

– Dave Brannon in Our Daily Bread

PRAY: Lift up your church leaders today. Pray that God would give them wisdom, and that they’d be encouraged.

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