READ: Psalm 84-85

THINK: While working my way through graduate school, I taught five-string banjo in a music store. The job provided me with the opportunity to buy a brand-new, professional-quality instrument for nearly half-price.

That was over 30 years ago, and that banjo has accompanied me on ministry efforts around the world. But despite its excellent craftsmanship, eventually it needed to be refurbished. A master repairman pointed out how imperfections had worn into the banjo. He was confident that his repairs would result in the instrument sounding better than new.

I wasn’t disappointed. The action on the strings and the clarity of the sound are astonishingly superior to its original condition when I purchased the instrument.

In a way, our lives are like musical instruments intended for “the praise of the glory of [God’s] grace” (Eph. 1:6). But over time, life wears us down. Our hearts cry out for renewal. The psalmist prayed: “Will You not revive us again?” (Ps. 85:6). The Hebrew word for revive means not only “to restore and refresh” but also “to repair.”

It’s vital that we submit our souls to the Master’s restorative touch. Why not set aside some time for spiritual retreat, and ask the Lord to repair your heart? Time in Christ’s service requires time out for renewal.

– Dennis Fischer in Our Daily Bread

PRAY: Ask God to help you see the bumps and bruises in your life that need his touch. Ask him to restore, repair, and refine you today. And trust that he will do it!

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