READ: Deuteronomy 24, 25, and 26

BACKGROUND: Our reading today may seem long, but these three chapters finish this section of Deuteronomy. Moses is in the final weeks of his life and he is giving very specific instructions to the Israelites for life in the new land. (Of course, his words are exactly what GOD has inspired him to say.)  While it may be easy to get lost in the details, remember why obeying these warnings and commands was so crucial: Sin turned an eleven day journey into a 40 year trek in the desert! Sin left an entire generation dead in the wilderness. Sin meant Moses would never enter the land he longed to see.

What Moses knew, and what he so desperately wanted the Israelites to know,  was that obedience was essential to possess the promised land. Moses reminded them of God’s mighty acts then showed them how to love, remember, worship, serve, honor and obey.

THINK: Moses message – God’s message – to the Israelites is still God’s message to us!  If you love God with all your heart, you must obey God with all your strength! Sin will cost us something – time, delayed blessings, missed opportunities, lost blessings. Obedience equals God’s best. Obedience always results in God’s blessing. And like Moses, the most important words we can speak are those that point others to God! Remind one another of God’s faithfulness! Encourage one another as you worship and serve. Honor and obey God together with other believers and see his purposes fulfilled in your church or small group or school or family. Refuse the wilderness of sin and let obedience allow God to bless your life.

ASK: Where might God be calling you to obey? What words might he be asking you to speak for him?

PRAY: Dear God, Obedience is hard work. Please give us strength to follow and obey and speak for you at every opportunity. Thank you for your amazing promises and your desire to bless us when we follow you!




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