READ: Esther 5, 6, and 7

THINK: The lessons we can learn and apply from these chapters abound. Note just a few:

  • God blesses Esther’s decision to boldly proclaim her identity as one of his people! The young woman hiding her heritage now risks dying for her confession!
  • Though King Ahasuerus does not deserve it, Esther treats him with complete respect. She gains the attention of the king through her humility. Respect allows our voices to be heard for the kind of change we hope to affect.
  • No one makes better decisions after drinking a lot! No one! (i.e. the King and Haman).
  • Faith is demonstrated in courageous action. We miss the opportunity when we are too self-consumed to see the needs of those around us.
  • We live out our faith in community! The bible constantly refers to GOD’s people!
  • An attack on GOD’s people is an attack on each of us!
  • It is a privilege and an honor to be one of GOD’s people!
  • God gives power to his people so they might serve those who are powerless…to represent those who have no voice.
  • Care for God’s people first (Galatians 6:10) and next, our neighbors.
  • A king who is sinned against has a right to be angry. Haman unknowingly sentenced the Queen to death and hence betrayed the King.  For inciting the King’s wrath, a penalty must be paid…and Haman is hung on his own gallows.
  • Sometimes life seems to go very well without Jesus and we feel no sense of urgency to follow Him…but one day we will see Jesus face to face! Live like we believe this!
  • We have all sinned against a King; the King eternal. Has the blood of Jesus paid the penalty for your sin? Jesus will lovingly identify you as one of his own and save you from certain death if you will only ask him.

ASK: Do I know Jesus? Do I love Jesus? Do I belong to Jesus? Do I identify with him? Is Jesus my King?

PRAY: Thank JESUS who paid the penalty for all our sins! Ask him for the opportunity to share your faith! Ask him for the power to grow in obedience to his word!

Adapted from Mark Driscoll –

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