READ: Hosea 10-12

THINK: Reread Hosea 10:11-12 again from The Message:

Ephraim was a trained heifer
    that loved to thresh.
Passing by and seeing her strong, sleek neck,
    I wanted to harness Ephraim,
Put Ephraim to work in the fields—
    Judah plowing, Jacob harrowing:
Sow righteousness,
    reap love.
It’s time to till the ready earth,
    it’s time to dig in with God,
Until he arrives
    with righteousness ripe for harvest.

This is God’s dream for the northern tribes of Israel. It’s his plan, his design, his hope for them. But instead of doing these things, they rebelled.

Think of a time in your life when God used you to show love to someone or do something special for someone. As you thought of that, did you picture yourself as a “well-trained heifer”? Probably not. But that’s exactly what you were according to the imagery of this passage.

Read the verses and consider the following questions: What does this passage tell you about what a well-trained heifer does? Why is it a joy for a well-trained heifer to “dig in with GOD”?

PRAY: Thank God for the times he has allowed you to be a part of what he is doing in the world and used you for his kingdom work. Ask him to open your eyes to opportunities in your life to show his love to those around you that you may not have noticed. Pray that he would make you a well-trained heifer today!

LIVE: Take great joy and satisfaction today in digging in with God and doing his kingdom work in your world.

– Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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  1. Deb says:

    Hosea is an amazing book! I am amazed at how relevant it is to our lives today….and there are so many allusions to other events …what is the calf of Beth-haven for instance? And why does Hosea call Israel “ephraim”?

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