READ:  Acts 26

THINK: Read verses 12-18 again aloud slowly. This is Paul speaking before King Agrippa, telling about his conversion. While you read, note all of the personal pronouns in this very personal conversation: I, me, you.

Read it a third time, noting how the conversation focuses on the past and the future.

1. Why do you think Jesus doesn’t just day, “I’m the Son of God. Your doctrine is wrong. Change it!”?

2. How do you respond to Jesus’ giving Saul a job to do even though he’s been murdering Christians? What does this tell you about Jesus?

3. Consider what Paul might have prayed next; there he is, blind, with his underlings leading him to safety.

PRAY: Have a conversation with Jesus similar to Paul’s.

            First, Jesus asks you, “Why are you…?” How do you respond?

            Next, Jesus tells you exactly who he is – a glimpse of him you have missed: “I am Jesus the One you’re…”

            Finally, Jesus says, “Up on your feet – I have a job for you.” What is the job? How do you respond?

Live today asking Jesus the question: Is there anything about you I’m missing out on? That I don’t understand or accept? Show me.

– Eugene Peterson in Solo

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