READ: Numbers 26

THINK:  In the summer of 1981, my then fiancé and many of his Drake University classmates traveled to the University of Iowa to take the bar exam. Passing the bar meant getting a law license and a JOB! It meant celebrations and congratulations and pride and relief and success! But not passing the bar meant tough phone calls home to parents, discouragement, self-doubt, and countless more hours re-studying what apparently hadn’t sunk in the first time. After three long years of law school and three long days of testing, we waited anxiously for the results. And way back in 1981 (ancient history) here’s how it was done:  A list was posted outside Drake Law School…If your name was on the list, you failed. If your name wasn’t on the list you passed! When the list was finally posted, a cloud of wanna-be lawyers descended on campus for the moment of truth. Scanning once, twice, three times, Doug was finally convinced there was no “Howard” on the list. It was a great day! One we will never forget!

The thing is, names are important. Sometimes when we see lists of names in the Bible our eyes glaze over and we sleep-read till the next chapter. Even the best readers can’t pronounce all the strange Hebrew monikers and our only relief is when we come across the occasional “Benjamin” or “Aaron.” I mean these names would not be found in even the most wacky baby name book.

While these may not be the verses of scripture you decide to commit to memory, next time you come to a long chapter of names, think about this: GOD knows your name! You are never a number to him! And GOD is keeping a list! The bible tells us that GOD is writing our names in his Book of Life (Revelation 13:8). From ancient days until today, GOD is in the business of keeping records. He has not forgotten you and he knows everything about you! The good news is he LOVES you and is longing to write your name on the list of those who belong to him!

ASK: Have you given your life to Jesus Christ and accepted him as your Lord and Savior?

PRAY:  Thank JESUS for his great mercy and for putting your name in his book!


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