Before reading today take a few minutes to Praise God through song by listening to “Praise Him” by Hillsong.

Read: Psalm 148-149

Think: This weekend I heard a Preacher briefly overview the creation story during his sermon. I was struck again that God is so huge, powerful and creative. Nobody can really fathom breathing stars into existence or speaking and then animals, land, water and crickets simply appearing. I was also soberly reminded that this powerful God is offended by our sin, but while we were still sinners He sent Jesus to pay the penalty for us. After reading these two amazing chapters for today I believe this star breathing, universe creating, sinful people forgiving, amazing God is worthy of our praise and I’m sure you’d agree!

Think for a second about the very details of your day. God is very gracious to us. He gives us so many opportunities to praise Him. Would you as you go into prayer think about the different things you’ll encounter today where you should stop and give God praise?

Maybe it will be for the food you’ve been provided. Maybe you’ll praise God because of the friends He’s put in your life. Maybe you’ll praise God because of the beautiful trees and creation you’ll see today. Maybe you can praise God for your pastors, parents, teachers, etc… Just make sure God gets praise for how amazing He is. Remember He deserves our praise… and to quote Duck Dynasty’s favorite Uncle Si… “That’s a FACT Jack!”

Pray: Today simply Praise God. This could possibly be somewhat of a challenge not to rush into your prayer with requests, but do your best to praise God for everything that He is. In prayer praise God for His grace, love, patience, forgiveness, kindness, generosity, salvation, goodness and much more! Tell God how great He is! It will be good to remind yourself of how great and wonderful our God is.

Live: It can be easy to forget about praising our God during the course of our day. Let’s commit this day to simply looking for opportunities to praise God for His greatness. Don’t miss out on the simple things that we take for granted or commonly pass by. Consider this your permission slip to continually look for opportunities to Praise God throughout your day.

Written By: Tony Widdel

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