READ: 2 Chronicles 20 and 21

THINK: Lysa TerKeurst in her book Unglued shares some great insights and applications from the life of Jehoshaphat.
“The story of King Jehoshaphat begins in crazy and ends in calm. His story is instructive because following a God-honoring process that takes us from crazy to calm is a big part of what the Christian journey is all about.”

When King Jehoshaphat receives the alarming news that a huge army is on the way and is planning to attack, he immediately resolves to go the LORD (2 Chronicles 20:3), and his example provides some very practical principles for navigating the upheavals in our own lives:

1. Remember who you are. We are children of the KING of KINGS and his mighty power is available to help us! Change the focus from “me” to HIM!
2. Redirect your focus to Jesus. Circumstances can be overwhelming, but there is power in the name of JESUS! Keep your eyes on him and call to him!
3. Recognize God’s job isn’t your job. 2 Chronicles 20:15: “…the battle is not yours but God’s.” Our responsibility is just to bring what we have. God will bring the super power!
4. Recite praises and thanks to God! In the midst of trouble, sing praises to GOD! Give thanks to the LORD, He is faithful in the midst of every circumstance! Praise the LORD for his mercy endures forever!
5. Realize that reactions determine reach. King Jehoshaphat’s decision to seek GOD brought peace to his kingdom (2 Chronicles 20:30). Choosing GOD’s way will always result in peace, even a peace that “passes understanding”….
PRAY: Ask GOD to give us the will to rely on HIM in every circumstance, big or small. PRAISE GOD that he if faithful, merciful, and give thanks for his incredible blessings each day.


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