READ:  John 3

THINK: This is one of the great chapters in the entire Bible, containing the most quoted and memorized verse of all. Reread verses 9-16, putting yourself in the shoes of Nicodemus. Imagine yourself standing there on the rooftop in the moonlight listening to Jesus’ words. Try to imagine what it would be like – without any context – to hear Jesus say that you had to be born again, or born from above and then to have him explain it.

ASK: Which words or phrases stand out to you? Which words or phrases totally rock your world? Why?

PRAY: Thank God for the gift of eternal life! Thank him for the gift of being born from above. Think about those words and phrases and all they mean to you, and just worship God in gratitude.

LIVE: Go share it. It doesn’t matter where. Do not let the sun go down today before you have shared the message of John 3 with at least one person who doesn’t know Jesus. If this passage is truth then it’s the greatest truth ever. And we cannot keep it to ourselves!

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