READ: Numbers 15-16

THINK: There is an animal native to the northernmost parts of Europe, Asia, and North America known as the ermine – or stoat – which has a bright white coat of fur during the winter. This white winter fur serves to camouflage the ermine and protect it against animals that would hunt it. And because of this, the ermine instinctively protects its white coat from anything that might dirty it and cause it to stand out.

While this is normally helpful, it’s also something that fur hunters have learned to take advantage of. Instead of trying to catch, chase, or trap this shifty animal they take a far easier route. They find its den and then smear dark mud and grime over the entrance and on the inside, and then they send their dogs out to chase the ermine. Instinctively the ermine flees towards its home, but upon arriving and seeing that the entrance is covered in a substance that would dirty its pure white coat the ermine freezes and refuses to go in. The ermine is trapped by the dogs and captured while preserving its purity. Interestingly enough, in that moment purity is more precious than life for the ermine.

God calls his people to have a similar perspective. He wants us to separate ourselves from the filth of this world at all costs because he knows it leads to death! In Numbers 15 God instructed all of the Israelites to tie blue tassels onto the borders of all of their clothes so that no matter what they were doing they’d see the blue and be reminded of him. The blue thread was to help them continually realize that God had a holy purpose for their lives and that purpose required them to stay far away from sin.

How often do we remind ourselves of the holy purpose that God has for us? Do we avoid impurity at all costs? And if the answers to those two questions are anywhere in the neighborhood of “not often enough” and “not really” then what steps do we need to take so that can change?

PRAY: Thank God for giving you a holy purpose in life. Ask him to help you avoid impurity at all costs.

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  1. Kelsey says:

    Very cool connection! Never thought I would learn so much about animal life in my devo time!

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