READ:  Jeremiah 38-40

THINK: Reread Jeremiah 38:1-6 aloud slowly.

Even though Jeremiah was a faithful servant of God, circumstances weren’t turning out well for him. Read the passage one more time and experience for yourself the feelings Jeremiah probably had. Feel yourself sinking down into the mud.

1. How difficult is it for you to accept that bad things happen to people who love God and do good?

2. Pretend once again that you are Jeremiah sinking in the mud. All you have now is the companionship of God. How does that feel? How close is that to being enough for you? What do you (as Jeremiah in this moment) want to pray?

3. What does it mean to hope in God’s own being instead of simply hoping that God will rescue you?

PRAY: Talk to God about a situation where you’ve been left behind in the mud. (You may be in the mud right now, or maybe it has happened in the past, or it may even be something you foresee happening in the future.)

LIVE: Sit with your palms open and turned upward toward God. Rest in the idea that some days we have the companionship of God when it appears we have nothing else. Is that enough? Also, be on the lookout for people sinking in the mud whom you might be called to love and help.

– Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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