READ: Psalm 145

THINK: I read about a young man who flunked out of the University of Michigan. In shame, he decided to disappear. For the next 4 years he hid in the unused attic of a nearby church. Taking great pains to conceal himself, he quietly prowled around only at night, living off food and water from the kitchen. He never left the building or spoke to a soul. No one ever suspected he was there. One day, a slight mistake gave him away. The young recluse accidentally made some noise and the police were called. He was finally discovered.

That shamed student reminds me of many believers in Christ who are overwhelmed by a sense of failure or embarrassment. They hesitate to take a stand for the Lord and may even try to conceal the fact that they are Christians. How unlike the psalmist, who publicly praised God for His greatness and goodness (Psalm 145:21). His relationship to the Lord was so wonderful that he couldn’t keep it hidden.

Do you withdraw into an “attic of silence” rather than let it be known that you are a follower of Christ? If so, confess your fearfulness to God and ask Him for the courage to tell others about the wonderful salvation He has provided.

Remember, attics are for mice, not for men! A faith worth having is a faith worth sharing.

PRAY: Ask God to give you the boldness today to powerfully live out and proclaim your faith.

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