READ: 1 Timothy 6

THINK: Read verses 6-12 again. Mull over Paul’s advice to Timothy. Do you agree with his statements and his assumptions about material wealth? About the value of being yourself before God? Why or why not? Explore your thoughts and share them with God.

PRAY: Consider your belongings, including favorite things and stuff you don’t usually think about. In what ways might some of these items get in the way of you being yourself, plain and simple, before God? In what way does your attachment to these possessions alter your view of who you are? (Don’t be too quick to answer here.)

LIVE: Read verses 6-12 one more time, considering more carefully Paul’s description of a righteous life. Do you notice an especially strong desire for any of these qualities? Listen for what God may be saying to you through the text and through your desire. Is he inviting you to do anything – even something small – in response to this time today?

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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