READ:  Acts 14

THINK:  I remember a time when my children were young and my wife was in bed with a stubborn case of the flu. I was trying to fill in for her the best I could, but the kids weren’t cooperating. Even though I spent a lot of time playing with them, they seemed determined to fill the house with more noise and mess than I could tolerate. Why couldn’t they calm down and do more to help? I wondered why they couldn’t be more considerate for their mother’s sake—and for my sake?

Then I thought about my relationship with God. Do I treat Him the way my kids were treating me? He must be grieved at times by my insensitivity to His concerns.

Later I began looking up every passage of Scripture that mentions doing something for the Lord’s sake, doing what we know pleases Him. I read about Paul, Peter, and Stephen—men who put their lives on the line for Christ’s sake. For them that phrase was a way of life, not just empty words. On one occasion, the apostle Paul was even stoned and left for dead because he dared to proclaim the gospel (Acts 14:19).

I wonder how much of what I do and say is for my Lord and Savior’s sake? That’s a good question for all of us to ponder. Jesus gave His all for us—are we giving our all for Him?

By: Mart DeHaan in Our Daily Bread


PRAY: Ask God to help you live like Peter, Paul, and Steven and give you the courage to give your all for his sake.

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