READ: Psalm 91 and 92

THINK: I have never seen “The Biggest Loser,” but, for better or worse, I have known the show’s fitness guru, Jillian Michaels, for a little over a year. I first “met” Jillian last summer when my daughter, Kelsey was home for the summer preparing for her wedding. Probably only females will be able to make the connection between Jillian Michaels and preparing for a wedding. Anyway, together we would force ourselves downstairs to pick up some weights, turn on the screen for “No More Trouble Zones” and listen to Jillian prompt and prod us through a “no joke” (her words ) workout. It didn’t take long to memorize her mantra: “I’m gonna make BIG promises to you!”

Jillian was quick to explain that in order to benefit from her promises we had to be willing! Willing to give our best, willing to keep on going, willing to sweat and pant and hurt! It wasn’t about wishing I could look like Jillian (by the way, that won’t happen!), it was about being willing!

Which brings me to the Psalms. Sometimes, and definitely in today’s readings, the Psalms seem like a huge “wish” list. I wish I could count on all these promises. I wish I wouldn’t wake up at night fearing the worst. I wish (metaphorically, of course) that I would be impervious to the thousands of arrows that daily seem to attack me. I wish…..

But incredibly, just like with Jillian, the Psalmist reminds us that it isn’t about wishing. Believing GOD is an action: willing. This is self-talk! The Psalmist makes a decision and tells himself, I WILL! YOU WILL! HE WILL! Look back over the Psalm and read it as a pep talk! When we are tempted to worry and to be afraid and to forget, go back to this Psalm! This is “no joke”! God’s promises are always true, and while we may go through some tough times, as we will ourselves to live in the light of GOD’s word, we will see that his PROMISES never fail!

Beloved, wait and see that GOD is always faithful! Lamentations 3:25 tells us, “The LORD is good to those who wait for him.” GOD will always prove himself true and we can rest in his promises!

PRAY: Use these Psalms as a prayer to our loving Father! When you come to a promise, talk to GOD about what you need, what you are struggling with, what you fear. Give this all to the GOD who loves you and who will be faithful in all that he has promised! Then be willing to commit your daily life to his care!


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