READ: 1 Chronicles 16-17

THINK: Straight ahead of me, against a clear blue sky on a warm fall day, a small gray cloud was hanging above a busy intersection. I wondered, What was that lonely cloud doing there on such a perfect afternoon?

As if hearing my thoughts, the cloud suddenly shimmered like silver and disappeared. Then, just as suddenly, it reappeared, darker this time and in a new shape—a smile. Then I realized the “cloud” was a flock of birds. They stretched across the road like a wavy banner announcing the song that I was hearing on my radio. As the music of “This Is My Father’s World” filled my car, the flock of dancing birds seemed to soar with each majestic phrase—dipping with each downbeat and swelling with each crescendo.

I wondered if the other drivers realized that they were in the audience of the Almighty. It seemed to me that all creation was rejoicing in His goodness (1 Chronicles 16:23-33).

With my eyes open, I prayed, “Thank You, heavenly Father, for allowing me to watch You conduct this remarkable ballet of birds. Thank You for reminding me that all creation, myself included, is part of Your song and that You are conducting every verse. May my praise and worship be as beautiful to You as Your creation is to me. Amen.”  

All of nature is a grand symphony conducted by the Creator.

– Julie Ackerman Link in Our Daily Bread

THINK: Worship God today for the incredible world he has created.

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