READ: Acts 7:1-8:1. Read 7:51-8:1 a second time, out loud. Pay attention to your response.

THINK: Stephen calls Jesus “Master,” and his actions agree. Have you ever read or heard stories of other martyrs like Stephen, people who died for Jesus’ sake? What do these stories make you feel?

PRAY: Become aware of Jesus inviting you to share with him your thoughts and feelings. Perhaps stories of martyrdom make you angry, grieved, or afraid. Maybe you find yourself pulling away from such stories. Maybe they make you feel inspired or convicted. Maybe they bring up some questions. Open your heart to God and ask him what he wants to teach you through this story.

LIVE: Read those final verses one last time, this time prayerfully. Look for clues to help you discern Jesus’ response to Stephen’s martyrdom, as well as Jesus response to you.

Adapted from Eugene Peterson in Solo

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